Tuesday 1 September 2020

Camera Box

I saw a camera kit on Kits n Kabooble and loved it so i decided to build my own.  Here is my take

My favorite thing is the light bulbs, found smaller fun shaped ones at the grocery store, perfect.

Inside camera frame is a concertina that i made after watching a tutorial from Kits n Kaboodle.  Really love of the shape of the concertina resembles vintage folding cameras.  Concertina contains mini booklets and photos slides.

View from the top.

To make the mechanicals i layered together bolts, washers, and chipboard gears.  Paint with black gesso, then paint with umber brown acrylic paint.

Next rub on alchemy white gold wax with fingers or a stiff bristle brush.  The final look is fantastic, aged metal.

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