Monday 6 November 2017

Geometric Travel continued...

This one is a two page layout I wanted it to have an outer spacey look.  I started with splatter stencils inked with distress ink, then spray with some water droplets and dry.  Next sponge with metallic blue paint and constellation stencil.

Add rust paste around outer edge, start with brown, then red, yellow and finally blue.  On each layer of color I add less and less paint, I also use a baby wipe to smooth out edges and pull color down into page.

Now time to layer, paint chipboard with gold acrylic paint, dry, sand and ink with ground expresso distress ink.  The ink settles into the sanded portions.  Next cheesecloth: sprinkle cheesecloth with magicals, spray with water and smooch around to color entire piece.  Once dry paint on sculpture medium, shape into roundish ballish astor fields.

Create a photo cluster with tags and die cut elements.

The photos on this one I framed with cardstock and added embossing enamel along edges.  Add journalling.

Here is a round die cut, then I tied around with twine so it would look like saturn in an astor field.  Add some painted chipboard stars around planet.

Add sisal to frame around photo.  Love the texture sisal created and love that it isn't a solid or heavy texture.

This is a cut up die cut strip then glued with space in between, then draw around slashes with charcoal pencil smudge with fingertips.  Looks like architecture lines.

Feathers and Constellations Stencil

More Splatters Stencil

Catch a Wave Chipboard

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