Wednesday 19 July 2017

Dreamcatcher Mixed Media

So my friends at Treasured Memories in Edmonton asked me to ask come up some projects using this month's mixed media kit- Dreamcatcher here are the products included you get $50 retail worth of product for $35

I started with a 12"x 12" canvas covered it with white gesso then added some texture with modeling paste and cell theory stencil.  Once dry I sprayed on a shitload of water then with a palette knife threw on paint splatters of Alchemy plum preserves and soft stain just in the center. Spray with more water, kind of smeared paint with fingertips then rotate canvas to move paint around, use a heat gun to dry.

Along outside edges I used color burst powder teal, sprinkle on then spray with water to activate.  Rotate canvas to move color around and dry with a heat gun.  Love the color variations.

Ink around canvas with ground espresso distress ink.  Next paint around cell texture with gold acrylic paint.  At this point I kind of wanted to stop and hang it on my wall, but not the name of the game.

So here is the final project.

I made a dream catcher with the embroidery hoop and wire.

I made the dollie into a flower, first I pulled up the center of dollie then tied with an elastic band to hold then cut off excess.  I colored the dollie flower with teal color burst and hung on my clothes line to dry. I made the center flower with metallic cardstock cut four flower shapes getting smaller, shape them then glue all together.  In the center add curled paper stripes and micro beads.

I added a cluster of feather, actual feathers, painted paper feathers, and clear acrylic with pattern feathers. Underneath hoop is a bundle of natural sisal.

Added some pebbles and done!

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