Wednesday 5 October 2016

Magical Fantasy

The monthly challenge at Mixed Media World is Magical/ Fantasy I got this one done just in the nick of time.  The final product didn't end of where i thought it would be sometimes that is a good thing.
Here we go...
I wanted it to look like a fairy circus, its got lots of texture, lots of layers, and lots of different mixed media products.

Lindy's magicals
White Gesso
Acrylic Paint
Embossing Enamel
Alchemy Paints
Lindy's Moon Shadow Mist
Archival Ink
Distress Ink

I started with layers blocks of pattern paper onto background, also layered some pre cut plaques.

Next i brushed on white gesso through a stencil, then swipes some large chunk gesso with a palette knife.  To add some more texture to gesso, i ran a plastic comb through large chunks of gesso.

Next splatter on white gesso, then pink color spray. (Lindy's Bucket of Blood Red)


Mix blue gold opal alchemy paint with water and splatter on.  Mixed white acrylic paint with white gesso and applied through harlequin stencil.

Painted the harlequin with black acrylic paint, and Lindy's shabby turbine teal mixed with water.  Now i wanted some larger blocks of color, so I mixed Lindy's Autumn maple crimson with water and blotting around harlequin pattern.

Its not in the picture but i also added some random stamping on background.

Made my photo cluster, pattern paper blocks and some pre cut banners and plaques.  Ink around pre cut shapes.

I added some more color (same colors as background) along pre cut elements with a paint brush.
Splatter some black acrylic paint.

I added some final touches with embossing powder along corner, I sprinkled on the embossing powder then heat from the bottom so the heat gun doesn't blow away enamel.

I made a nest/ mess with the twine black and white and arranged around the photo cluster.  Tucked in some pre cut texture pattern paper in between photo cluster layers.

I really like how all the splatter looks like sparkles and lighting flies. Looks very magical and fairy like.

Painted chipboard wings and acrylic paint, and while it was still wet sprinkled on embossing enamel so it sticks onto the wings.  The chipboard is to thick to heat from the underneath.

Some Close ups.

See ya next time.

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