Monday 28 September 2015

Mustang Sally

I have been working on a painting of our wedding, this is one of my favorites.  Its all about the car the wedding party is mingling in the back.  I cheat a little or use a tool how every you want to look at it.  I grid a print out of the picture then grid the canvas this way everything is in proportion, if things are out it will push me over the edge.  This canvas is 3' x 4' so drawing on the grid was a task in itself but the rewards are worth it.

I knew the car had to be right, my husband is a huge mustang fanatic, like knows the year of mustang based on the headlights.  And i nailed it, so proud i am going to brag.

Next crop weekend I am going to finish the headlights and start the people- i think they will be more challenging than the car.

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