Monday 8 June 2015


I haven't posted in over a month, not because i haven't been working on anything but because I have been working on everything.  I have several projected started but nothing finished, my creative brain took over and i lost focus.  I need to stop starting new projects and just finish one.... that will never happen just ask the closet full of unfinished projects.  Here is a sneek peaks of my cluttered mind.

Project 1- a painting, which i love and mostly finished just needs the sides painted.  (pic of my kid) 

turned out fantastic, and i actually like it and am willing to hang in my house.  Usually i hate everything i create either because i can see the mistakes or just plain tried of looking at it.  I love this so much it inspired me to start another one, which is another uncompleted project at the moment.  It is a huge painting and when i paint i like to have the whole day uninterrupted otherwise i pull everything out and its time to put it all back.

Project 2- steampunk phone
 i created this steampunk phone which again i love (how unusual to have two projects in a row i am happy with)  It looks exactly how my brain was picturing it.  Everything came together quickly and even though everything is painted the same color so many details.....  there is a plan for an album to go inside but that was put on hold by

Project 3- file folder albums
not loving this!  not sure why this one hurts my brain, i think it is all the cutting and measuring of paper.  I know seems silly paper cutting hurts my brain but making a dimensional phone from chipboard doesn't.

This will be a kit, you will get a box/album (not sure yet) with 4 file folder albums in them. They will make great albums for school sports or trip, keepsake from a special event etc...

But this project was stalled by....

Project 4- creating new chipboard designs.

I recently found a local business who will cut my designs out of chipboard, which is fantastic so now i can create kits with custom chipboard.  It can be exactly what i want and the size.  This opens so many possibilities and this is when my brain really exploded.  I started thinking about custom chipboard which lead to cutting some using my silhouette, which lead to thinking about what else my silhouette could do and materials i could use with it.  And here we are at ...

Project 5- creating journaling cards for pocket scrapbooking

I designed a set of journaling cards i can use for an album i am planning which is going to be a kit and here is the really ridiculous part... it is for a trip i haven't even taken yet.  Yep that right i am working on something i have no chance of finishing til september after our family roadtrip.  Why work on this when i have 4 other half finished projects that i have all the materials for???

that my friends is an excellent question.  Hopefully this blog post will remind me to focus.

So here it is an timeline of how my brain works... i love being creative but i really need to work on the focus part.

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