Tuesday 4 March 2014

its all coming together

i have been working on a new project and it has me super excited!!  I designed and had custom chipboard cut, the designs of the chipboard are meant to be painted and layered.  The chipboard is quite intricate so i used the Tim Holtz distress paints to paint the details.  Once painted and dry i sand and ink and it looks quite vintage like.  Here are a few sneak peeks.

 the front is a box about 1" thick that i have layered with chipboard and paper
 side view showing the depth of the cover, the hanging lights are made with domes from Tim Holtz, wire inserted into the cork
i used crumbled up a kraft paper bag to insert in between top and bottom- added interest and texture
 my favorite of custom designs - vintage eye glasses the eye docotor use to use.  My first eye doctor was super old and this is what he used, i loved going to the eye doctor, i was go intrigued by the glasses and interchanging lens.
vintage camera- painted the different elements with a paint brush and used epoxy in lens center to make it look more realistic
not sure what this is called but here i painted the outer ring with antique white then once dried painted with stormy sky , when i sanded the antique white was visible underneath- another layer of dimension

 a layered compass, again painted the details with a paint brush and distress paint
another favorite, hot air balloon this one has super fine chipboard parts but the end result is FANTASTIC

I haven't quite figured out how to bind the album with the cover but i will come up with it.  This will be a digital instruction kit for sure but not sure if it will be a physical kit.  i will keep you informed.

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  1. I saw your work at the store. It's lovely!! You do great work.