Tuesday 16 April 2013

another new project!!!!

yep i finished another one, well sort of i still need to cover the edges but haven't decided how yet, so as i usually do when something is bugging me i will stare at it until my brain has decided on a plan.  This project started as a way to use up the Graphic 45 film cannisters i had left from store inventory i had the idea but... i did start this project twice before i was happy with the direction i was going. 

i used the film cannister to create depth in the clock face by cutting the lid to reveal the inside, then inlaying the cannister in the clock frame that i build out of chipboard.  Prima Engraver collection and all their new metal embellishments worked perfect for this project.

one side of clock frame only has a half wall, then i created mini albums to side into the empth space. I binded the mini albums with white hockey tape because that was what i had on hand but i should have used black hockey tape.

front view, also had a few packs of Tim Holtz pulleys left from store inventory, so use it for the pendulum, just what it needed for finished look


inside mini- opens to reveal three pages, two with photo flips with tag insert then in the center a layout you just need to add a picture to.  there are two minis both the same idea but with a different center layout and photo flips
this one will be a kit as well but only 6 since i was just using remaining store inventory.  again i am waiting on paper, i will post once available and how to order.


  1. Wondering when this will be available as a kit?

  2. I am hoping to work on all my scrapbook to do list this weekend- both kits for clock and stacked suitcases. I have all the product just need to put it all together. I will post when they are done. so happy you like