Thursday 7 February 2013

when everything works

we all have those pages- you know the ones where you love everything!!! i have scrapbook pages i immediately put in album or even hide in a box never to see the light of day again because i hate it but dont want to throw out something i worked on for a couple hours.  But ever once in awhile EVERYTHIING WORKS and you have layout that makes your heart sing.  This one is mine
this layout has all my favorites- ripped paper then inked and i found if you start with a lighter ink (vintage photo distress ink) and ink edges plus inside edges then use a darker ink (walnut distress ink) and just ink the edges you really get a burnt edge look.  Also use a light hand when apply ink if you press to hard you get harsh lines that dont look natural at all.
NEXT FAVORITE- chipboard, and more chipboard i have to have chipboard on every layout i do i just dont feel a layout is done until you have added chipboard.  i love hexagons and i love how i have used the hexagons to frame the sides and overlap the photos.  i also love using two different sizes of hexagons and covering them in matching colors so they are there but dont stand out to much to take over the layout.
FINAL FAVORITE- metal another must have on a layout for me. love the saftey pins from 7 gypsies
(7Gypsies are you still out there haven't seen new product in awhile)
ENJOY YOUR DAY- man i wish my new puppy would sleep right now the cute has no affect on me

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