Wednesday 21 March 2012

Scrappy Glue

So I had a moment of panic i just received a shipment of scrappy glue, and anyone who has every taken a class or been in the store you know i am addicted to scrappy glue i use it on everything.  Now the problem with scrappy glue is you can't ship it during an Alberta winter without it freezing and once frozen it is a solid glue glump.  So i am down to my last scrappy glue and it has finally warmed up enough so i can order again....BUT then
NEW BOTTLING (old is on the right)
so i had a slight panic attack i thought is no longer comes out in a nice thin line and i was right it doesn't come out the same but all is not lost it still makes a thin line not as thin but still thin and without the long applicator it will hopefully clog less.  It might take awhile but I will grow to love like the original.

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