Friday 5 February 2016

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog

First WHOO HOO I am up to 21 followers this makes me happy!  Thanks to everyone for the FAB comments and I love reading them.

Next- Mixed Media Monthly Challenge- Glitter

This one was hard for me i had an idea in my head and nothing went as planned.  In fact i throw out my first attempt, but then it all came together.  Here is my take...

I love how this turned out its darker than i had planned but i still love.  I wanted to use my new chipboard designs i just added to my etsy store.  This one is gear wings, I had planned to but a glitter heart in the center but then i layered one top of one another and really like how it looked like a butterfly so i went with that.

I started by covering the tag with encyclopedia paper then added some twine with staples, and ruler ribbon.  Next i white washed with white gesso paint.  Just lightly so print is still visible, I also didn't white wash to the edges just around the cluster.

I added color around the cluster, using lindy's sprays.  I just applied the color by dripping the ink onto the cluster with the spray tube.  I added a little water to get drips and spread out the color and highlighted the twine with black acrylic paint.
Distressed the edges of the tag with scissors.

So as you can see i added some more color, I wanted the blue to run down the tag more so added a little more color and water.  I added some gel medium along the cluster and sprinkled in the glitter.  Edged the tag with embossing dabber and added Stampendous embossing enamel- aged taupe.

In the center is exposed corrugated cardboard brushed with white acrylic paint.

I added some brown sparkle along the right side and in the glitter.  I mixed primary elements- burnt amber, mixed with water and polymer and applied with a paint brush and puddled it on to the tag.

Next i finished the edge with walnut distress ink.

The wings were painted with light blue and silver acrylic paint.  Next dry brushed with gold paint and dusted with biscotti perfect pearls.

But then i decided it needed more

Added some blue color with lindy's again and water.  Just a touch of deeper blue.

I arranged the wings to look like a butterfly in flight.  Final touches were rub ons, chit chat words, and texture stamp with black archival ink.  I sponged the tag with white gesso to dilute the black stamping.  A technique i just read on Sandra Reynolds- www.artfulflight.com.  Thank you.

Wings from the side

glitter, gears and cogs

Happy Scrapping!


  1. What a stunning project Glenda..beautiful..and you are on 22 now...lol..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. This is so very cool! I read your bio on the sidebar and giggled. You sound like my kinda girl! <3 Off to check out your etsy shop as these wings are FABULOSO! - Autumn

  3. Awesome project!! Thanks so much for playing at the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

  4. Love, love love the texture you built up! I am always looking for new background texture - might have to borrow your string idea!! and your gear wings are wonderful! Thank you so much for playing with us at The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge!