Sunday, 23 June 2013

Up Up in the AIR

my newest project.  This is my second attempt at a hot air balloon steampunk style, and I love how it turned it out.  Its not quite finished yet but so far so good.

I used an 8" Styrofoam ball for the balloon- funny story I thought I ordered one from amazon but it got backordered and then this huge box arrived and there was 12 8" Styrofoam balls-oops.  So I guess this is my next kit- once its done still figuring out the rest

Used memo pins to tack down paper swags then I could hang chain off pins - adds a bit of fancy
Top ornament is a combination of chipboard and metal gears, door knob and upside down door handle pulls for that crown look

used screws pins to attach balloon strings to basket
I want to add some sort of scrapbook or canvas to go with the balloon but I haven't quite wrapped my head around it.  stay tune.

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